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Office Tower Amenity

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Commercial Offices are featuring indoor golf amenity spaces that provide additional conveniences and comfort for tenants and visitors. These spaces enhance the overall workplace experience and promote a sense of community and well being.

Adding a carefully designed lounge area with comfortable seating arrangements, ambient lighting, contemporary decor and simple steaming of music and video makes an ideal spot for socializing, brainstorming, or enjoying a moment of solitude.

Private & Public Golf Courses

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Every Private and Public Golf course needs to create spaces that allow off season practice, instruction and coaching for individuals and groups. In addition to custom club fittings, on-line competitions, ball strike games and opportunities to play world class golf courses with accurate tracking projected on screens from 12-40 feet wide on both flat and curved screens. Each space needs design attention to the details that make this essential for attracting indoor golfers creating food and beverage revenue essential to success.

Residential Properties

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Indoor golf simulator entertainment spaces are innovative venues that offer a unique and immersive golfing experience within an indoor setting. These spaces are meticulously designed to replicate the look and feel of real golf courses, allowing golf enthusiasts to practice, compete, and have fun regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

At the heart of these entertainment spaces are advanced golf simulators equipped with cutting-edge technology. These simulators utilize high-resolution projectors or large LED screens to display virtual golf courses in stunning detail. Combined with specially designed sensors and cameras, they accurately track the golf ball’s trajectory, speed, and spin, providing players with realistic feedback on their shots.

Hitting Centers

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As the technology for indoor golf has improved, hundreds of indoor hitting centers have been created coast to coast. Common features are 4, 6, or 8 simulators that can be used for indoor league play in off seasons, or club fittings, lessons and practice sessions. These spaces feature cutting edge technology, large curved and flat screens with high resolution video displays for movie or game day watching with matching sound systems, ambient lighting and well designed seating areas with well stocked bars and food options including food trucks.